Whether you’re a large retail nursery in LA or a boutique plant shop in NYC,
we want to help you serve your customers with the highest quality plant material.
Our parent company in Phoenix, Arizona has been in the wholesale plant industry for over 42 years, so we know the plant business inside and out.

Custom Box
Shipping For Trays

Tender, young plants in trays are extra fragile. We believe in giving our plant trays the safest, most protected journey possible. So we partnered with a leading box manufacturer to engineer a custom corrugated crate specifically for Happy Valley Plants. The box is designed with multiple, stiff cardboard drawers for our trays. The drawers can be configured to hold multiple 72-count trays or 18-count trays. Our box has been sent successfully around the world to Japan and Milan, and not one single plant was damaged. So, let us send your plant trays first class, too!

Bare Root Shipping
For Larger Plants

The horticulture industry has successfully sent bare root species for years: roses, fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, to name a few. So it makes even more sense to send our drought-tolerant species bare root, since they thrive with such little moisture. Additionally, the larger plants are protected with foam peanuts on sharp tips and paper wrapping so the plant doesn’t scratch itself or other plants in the box. Then you simply pot the plant(s) when they arrive and give them a little water. Happy plants = happy customers!

How To Become
A Customer

It’s easy and fast to get set up as a Happy Valley Plants wholesale customer.

Email: shawn@happyvalleyplants.com with any questions or simply fill out the forms below and return to Shawn.